The major refurbishment, replacement, and repair of large components such as gearboxes, blades, transformers, generators, substructures, or substations at the wind farm.

Who supplies them

Major repair in-situ will be supplied by marine contractors with suitable vessels. Major repair using tow-to-port requires AHVs, construction ports and large cranes.

Key facts

The major repair of large components is not a pre-planned activity in wind farm O&M. Incidents are rare but do occur when critical components have failed, are likely to fail imminently or present health and safety risks.

Major repair of large components at fixed offshore wind farms usually takes place on-site using jack-up vessels. This approach is not available for floating offshore wind farms as the water depths are likely to be too deep for jack-up vessels.

Major repair for floating offshore wind farms can be completed by either towing the assembled wind turbine to port and completing any work at the quayside, or in-situ using motion-compensated vessels. The technology required to facilitate floating to floating lifts for in-situ major repair is not currently available.

Guide to a Floating Offshore Wind Farm