Onshore logistics provides parts and equipment to support wind farm operations, using quayside infrastructure, warehousing, lifting equipment, logistics and operational planning.

What it costs

About £540,000 per annum for a 450 MW floating offshore wind farm.

Who supplies them

Onshore logistics are coordinated by the wind farm operators. The wind farm owner typically occupies quayside facilities, operating on a long-term lease with the owner of the port infrastructure, to provide onshore logistics services.

Key facts

Port facilities are required to be flexible to accommodate variable demand with maintenance campaigns and site activities. Ideally, the warehousing and logistics buildings are close to the quayside to minimise the time loading support vessels.

24/7 access from a chosen port in all states of tide increases flexibility to perform maintenance operations without delay to enable weather windows to be exploited. This can require port agreements to include requirements for dredging to maintain adequate water depths.

A 450 MW wind farm employs up to about 50 people onsite, of which about half are turbine technicians. The availability of skilled and experienced technicians is a crucial factor in the successful operation of an offshore wind farm for wind farm owners and operators. O&M facilities need 24/7 access, 365 days a year.

As well as the port facility, operators use remote land-based support, such as specific engineering advice and support, performance monitoring and 24/7 control room monitoring.

An onshore base consists of:

  • Administration facilities and operations room
  • Lifting equipment, for example forklifts (600 kg) and small cranes (1 t) to move components from the harbour to the vessel
  • Workshop facilities, workbench areas and tool storage
  • Stores, with small components that do not need specialist vessels to facilitate use
  • Wet and dry rooms, with space for personal protection equipment
  • Oil store, gas bottle store and waste management facilities
  • Fuel bunker, and
  • Parking spaces.

What’s in it

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