O.1.1 Operations control centre


The operations control centre monitors the performance of the wind farm and co-ordinates any maintenance work required.

What it costs

About £540,000 per annum for a 450 MW floating offshore wind farm.

Who supplies them

Wind farm owners establish their own operations control centres for each wind farm.

Key facts

The operations control centre requires a team of people with skills and experience in:

  • Marine operations
  • Monitoring of the wind turbines, floating substructure, mooring system, and array connections, and
  • Onshore supporting roles, including:
    • Equipment management
    • Grid/OFTO interface
    • Health and safety
    • Logistics management
    • Marine coordination
    • Monitoring and resetting
    • Parts management
    • Weather watch, and
    • Work planning.
  • A set of specialist software applications is used to help them perform their roles in the most effective manner.

What’s in it

Guide to a Floating Offshore Wind Farm